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L & J Expressions

My daughter is going into her junior year in college. We started the business when Ja’Lexis was 16 years of age. I wanted to teach her the importance of entrepreneurship and a strong work ethic. We normally hear about a son following in his father’s footsteps and never address the daughter or mother. Mother and daughter building a business together is a great way to continue the family prospering and starting a legacy that could continue into following generations. This will bring forth generational wealth and show the strength of women. A mother showing her daughter how to start a business or working with her daughter in their business further shows the innovative minds of women and proves that women like men can create and continue a family business.

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Why we as women should know our worth...

It's been said that what we project to others is what we receive. A woman who knows her worth puts herself in position to be valued by others because it exudes from her. The valuing of self starts from an early age. Girls who taught to take pride in self and value are confident in themselves. They are not afraid to take chances and pursue their dreams. These girls who walk in confidence at an early age normally thrive as women. They know not to settle and push forward to breaking ceilings that previous generations already set. This is why we have the Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Naomi Osaka, and countless others. These ladies know their worth and serve as role models to other young ladies. Women have always helped shape the world in all spectrums. In order to continue to make our presence known and respected, young ladies have to be taught their importance and act accordingly.


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